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MTSU Health Promotion Office


MTSU Health Promotion welcomes the opportunity to assist students, student groups, and faculty/staff members with their health programming needs. We can provide resources, deliver a presentation or program, or consult with you on the types of programs that are effective with college student populations.

Please use the links to the left for more information about the programs and services available to address specific health topics.

Self Assessments

Health Promotion is pleased to offer online assessments for risk related to alcohol or marijuana use. These assessments will provide personalized feedback regarding risk reduction techniques when appropriate and will express how your use or non-use compares to other MTSU students. Please click on the boxes below to be redirected to the individual assessments. Please note that all of your responses are anonymous; no identifying information will be gathered.

Contact Us

Have a question or concern? Contact the MTSU Health Promotion Office.

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